Blockchaingers Hackathon - April 2018

A self-conscious house

A self-conscious house: tracking its lifecycle, automating maintenance decision making to improve itself!

The Problem

Tracking the documents of your house throughout the year and owners is a real hassle. So is process of both figuring out grants and applying for them.


Our solution

A self-conscious house (digital twin) that manages all your house related bills and home improvements which is capable of monitoring government issued subsidies and apply for them when the house its action framework matches the subsidy. This way, we unburden the house owner of house-related management tasks or the need for being aware of each government issued subsidy. Only recognized contractors are able to join the reversed marketplace where they can bid for house related jobs like installing solar panels. The house will suggest the most fitting contractor, however, the final decision lies with the house owner. The government benefits from this system as it can monitor the progress of its subsidies and tailor it if needed. It's a more efficient way of spreading information with regards to subsidies.

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