TheLedger can provide you with consultants with specific blockchain knowledge and relevant experience in blockchain projects. We support C-level by taking strategic and tactical decisions concerning blockchain initiatives. We can support you in executing technical and functional analysis as well as technical feasibility studies. Besides that, we can build and manage your project from A to Z. We want to outsource our experts where needed.


Exploratory study or workshop guidance

TheLedger can deliver in-house research about blockchain threats or opportunities within your field and deliver a detailed report about the outcomes. It is also possible to take a more passive role by participating in internal workshops around blockchain technology to guide your thoughts to the right concepts.


Feasibility study

The feasibility study refers to technical, functional and / or financial feasibility of an idea. Technical feasibility compares existing blockchain protocols or products to achieve a particular goal. The tailor-made design of an application and how it will be technically integrated will be explained. It will be researched and written by people with knowledge of blockchain technology in collaboration with the customer who has knowledge of the market. By conducting a functional study, we go through the process together with the customer and describe the as-is situation and the to-be situation. Blockchain requires another way of thinking and working. This will be explained in the document. Depending on the size of the project, we can provide you with a financial estimate.

Proof of Concept

Building a prototype or a proof of concept requires specialist knowledge. TheLedger Family can help you here, as most of us are concerned with the development of the products themselves. If you need a product according to your specifications that you want to bring to the market quickly, we are the right partner to work with. We try to keep the lead time of a PoC as short as possible.


Blockchain Architecture

When you decide to develop a production-ready blockchain application, you need much more than just a proof-of-concept. TheLedger family has unique consultants to help you build safe products and guide you with the right protocol implementations for your specific needs. (Architecture Azure, AWS, Docker) Security (penetration testing, ..)