Management Training

Because communication and strategy are key, we will explain why blockchain is important, what it will change in your sector, show you some use cases, and indicate opportunities and threats. This session is meant for business so that they understand blockchain and be able to communicate about it as well as gain insights into the future. Where can blockchain provide a solution for your business? For this training we ask 2 hours of your time.

Developer Training

This course teaches software engineers the basic principles of blockchain technology, both the languages ​​and tools needed to build decentralized applications on the blockchain platform. This course is intended for experienced programmers, to teach them all that is needed to understand the technology. Write your own smart contracts and applications based on blockchain technology. TheLedger supports the following technologies: Ethereum, Hyperledger fabric, Bitcoin, BigChainDB. The training can happen at your company or a location/lunch can be provided from TheLedger. We always provide course material for all attendees.

Blockchain training

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